Thurs Post Show (06-01-23)

(Thurs Full Show) Lunchbox Thinks He’s The Most Famous Person Playing In Celebrity Softball Game + What Is The New Rule In Amy's Household? + Who On The Show Would Do Best In Prison?

Lunchbox is playing in the Folds of Honor Celebrity Softball Game and he thinks he is the most famous person in it. Hear who else is on the list and why he feels his name will help them sell tickets. Plus, find out the new rule Amy is trying in her household and how her kids feel about it. Then, hear who on the show we think would do the best in prison!

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(Thurs Early Bird) Who Is The Employee Of The Month For May? + Scuba Steve Shares Update After Vasectomy + Mailbag: Marriage Ultimatum

Find out who the new Employee of the Month for May is! Plus, Scuba Steve shares an update after getting his vasectomy. Hear how it went and if it was as bad as he thought. Mailbag: When a listener moved in with her boyfriend they talked about marriage and were on the same page about not wanting to rush into it. But it's been three years and there hasn't been any mention of it since. She's not sure how to bring it up, so we shared our advice!

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The One About Adaptogenic Mushrooms + So Much More with Amy & Cryo Kat

"If you’re thinking of doing a thing but aren’t sure how it will “turn out” here’s your nudge to DO IT ANYWAY!!!" Cryo Kat, not to be confused with Therapy Kat, is Amy's guest and they are talking about so many things....some of them you may even want to take this chat as your nudge to go for it! They talk about everything from yoga to adaptogenic mushrooms to foam rolling to pink salt in your water to interesting (weird) habits they have to '4 things gratitude' and appreciation to protein pancakes + so much more and not at all in that order!! Hope you enjoy all the things and it feels like you're listening to two of your friends chat! Thanks for joining us. 


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Say Goodbye To Ray

Welcome back! We found out today we're losing Ray. Ray made the announcement that this is it. Where do we go from here? Lunchbox's wife calls to comment on the rumors that she cheated. Not only did she cheat but it could have been with a fellow Coach! The Sore Losers have an update about their live broadcast from CMA Fest scheduled for next week and NBA players spotted in Nashville. Plus Lunchbox details the highs and lows of living the gambling lifestyle. 

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(Wed Full Show) Bobby Bones Shares Update On His Dog Stanley About Squeaker In Stomach + Who Is The "Willy Wonka" Person Bobby Went Golfing With? + American Idol Controversy

Bobby shares an update on how his dog Stanley is doing after a squeaker got stuck in his stomach, find out if he's passed it or will have to go in for surgery. Plus, Eddie saw that on Bobby's tee time it said he was golfing with "Willy Wonka" and wants to figure out who it truly was that joined him. Then, we discuss our thoughts on the latest American Idol controversy!

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(Wed Early Bird) Why Did Lunchbox Think Morgan Was Drunk On A Wednesday Afternoon? + Lunchbox Attempted To Crash Nicole Kidman's Movie Set Again + Mailbag: Dad Has Another Child

Lunchbox attempts to spill the tea on Morgan by calling her out for being "drunk" on a Wednesday afternoon but find out what actually happened! Then, hear how Lunchbox attempted to crash Nicole Kidman's movie and if he was able to successfully get a role in the movie this time! Mailbag: A listener found out his dad has another son with a different family, and there's been a lot of drama from it. He's not sure what to do so we share our advice!

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25W: The Celtics Go Down in Flames + Logan Ryan In Studio & Talks About Meeting Tom Brady for the First Time, His Crazy Recruiting Story and being a rookie in the NFL + MJ or Pippen: By the Numbers

After knocking on the door of completing NBA history by being the first team to come back down 0-3 in a series, the Celtics get blown out at home in game 7, and Kickoff Kevin is sad. NFL defensive back Logan Ryan is in the studio to talk about his first time meeting Tom Brady after being drafted by the Patriots, how he went from a 3 to a 4-star recruit overnight, the things he had to do as an NFL rookie, and much more! Plus, with Scottie Pippen calling out Michael Jordan this past weekend, Bobby lays down some numbers to decide if he was a major factor in Jordan's success. 


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Tues Post Show (05-30-23)

Bobby talks about having Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows on the show today and how he’s his favorite guest ever. The guys say that Amy was trying to be discovered while he was in the studio. We get an update on Abby and if she’s still taking singing lessons. We get into explaining what the Vanderpump cheating drama is if you’ve never seen the show. Someone broke into Benedict Cumberbatch’s home, a travel warning has been issued for the United States and a woman kills her husband after being served with divorce papers.

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(Tues Full Show) Why Did Lunchbox Have a Weird Interaction With a Massage Therapist? + Has Scuba Steve Started Working On His TV Show Script? + What Does Raymundo Do When He Sees People Wearing Clothes He Likes?

Find out why Lunchbox had an awkward interaction with a massage therapist and why he feels uncomfortable going back. Plus, hear if Scuba Steve has started working on his TV script and if Bobby is helping him get it done in any way. Then, Raymundo does something when he sees clothes he likes in public. We determine if it's creepy or clever!

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