Lunchbox’s “Agent” Called About Extras For Nicole Kidman Movie

Lunchbox’s “agent” Jackson Hughes, called him with a huge opportunity! Bobby Bones thinks it’s Lunchbox acting out a bit where he pretends to be his own agent, but Lunchbox swears it’s his actual “agent.”  

In the one-minute conversation with his “agent” he tells Lunchbox he’s been working on getting him more acting roles and shared how a movie starring Nicole Kidman is looking for extras and it’s shooting in Nashville. Lunchbox was very interested in the role. His “agent” went on to say to ignore the ad the movie put out looking for extras because he’s too big to just be an extra, and he’s been in communication with the director and is trying to get him an on-screen romance with Kidman.  

The casting agency did release an ad saying they are looking for 2,000 extras in the Nashville area for the Nicole Kidman thriller film, Holland, Michigan, and that no experience or resume is needed. So basically, anyone can do it! Lunchbox isn’t interested in being an extra though and is going for a role to be Kidman’s love interest in the movie.  

He doesn't have an audition set up yet but is hoping to have one in the next couple of weeks.  

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