The Bobby Bones Show Drafts Famous Rivalries

A new Bobby Bones Show draft happened this morning! Today's draft (February 1st) was about the best rivalries. Whoever loses this round has to sit out in the next draft.

The show had to pick the best rivalries, here are their picks:


  • Round 1: Avengers vs. Thanos
  • Round 2: Apple vs. Microsoft
  • Round 3: Harry Potter vs. Voldemort


  • Round 1: Yankees vs. Red Sock
  • Round 2: The guys of Florida Georgia Line - Tyler Hubbard vs. Brian Kelley
  • Round 3: Angel vs. Devil


  • Round 1: Morgan Wallen vs. His Neighbor (who made the video)
  • Round 2: Michigan vs. Ohio State
  • Round 3: Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi


  • Round 1: Lunchbox vs. Phone Screener Abby
  • Round 2: Maren Morris vs. Brittany Aldean
  • Round 3: Taylor Swift vs. Ticketmaster


  • Round 1: Tupac vs. Biggie
  • Round 2: Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West
  • Round 3: Auburn vs. Alabama

Eddie was out after losing the last draft of Christmas songs. Now we need your help, who has the best draft picks? Help us by voting below! Whoever loses will have to deal with a punishment in studio.

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