Lauryn's List: 3 Grilling Hacks That'll Make You Look Like A BBQ Expert!

Hey, Lauryn Snapp here! Prepare to get hungry with this one! 

Want to look like a grill master this summer? Steal my "Top 3 Favorite Grilling Hacks."

  1. -    Use bread to test for hot spots! Placing about six slices of Texas Toast on the grates will create a heat map and help you know where the hot spots are located. It saves you guesswork trying to get that perfect medium-rare steak, and who doesn't love Texas toast? 
  2. - Non-Stick…Potatoes! This one is genius! Use a potato to keep your food from sticking to the grill! The starch in a potato is a natural non-stick surface on your grill.
  3. -    Out of gas? Not sure how much propane you have left in your tank? There's a safe and easy way to check before you fire up the grill, courtesy of the Kitchn. First, boil a cup of water, then pour it over the side of the tank. Then, feel the tank. The point where it goes from hot (empty) to cool (filled with propane) is your propane level. SCIENCE, wow! 

BONUS: And, I know I said three, but here is a bonus hack for cleanup… use left-over aluminum foil and use it to clean your grill. Quick and easy cleanups are my favorite! 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.