Kelsea Ballerini Shares Emotional 'Half of My Hometown' Music Video

Kelsea Ballerini is sharing what life might have been like if she hadn't moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of becoming a country singer/songwriter in her new music video for her Kenny Chesney collaboration, "Half Of My Hometown."

In the video, a high school age Kelsea is getting ready to move before she flashes forward to her life had she stayed in her hometown. We see Ballerini as a cheerleader, graduating from high school, becoming a hair stylist, and getting married and having a baby. She sings, "And all I wanna do is make them proud/ 'Cause half of me will always be Knoxville, Tennessee/ My hometown."

In teasing the visual, Ballerini said in a post on social media, "It was the best excuse to go home for a few days and dust off my red and black. Very proud of this one." She added in another message, "Played out the what could have beens had I not left my hometown at 15 to live out this dream. The most emotional, grounding, and full circle video I’ve gotten to make."

"Half of My Hometown" is from Kelsea's 2020 Ballerini album, and features Kenny Chesney. In a new interview with PEOPLE (The TV Show!), Kelsea explained how the collaboration came to be. The country star said that it was "weirdly organic" as she texted Chesney in the early morning hours one night. She recalled, "I had Kenny's number from this really encouraging text he sent me really early on in my career where he saw my name on a billboard. He took a picture of it in New York and he sent it to me and he said, 'I'm proud of you, hometown girl.' And I didn't even know that Kenny knew who I was."

She added, "I texted it to him at like 2:00 AM. He was nice enough to listen to it and say like, 'Let me figure this out on my end. Let me make sure that I can actually be a partner in this song and do this with you.' And now he is, and it makes it all the more special."