If you want to see a young man who's wise beyond his years, watch the video below.

The young fan was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row down the left-field line at Globe Life Stadium for Saturday night's Blue Jays-Rangers game, which right there makes for a good night. Seated behind him was a group of three girls, one of which apparently caught his eye during the game.

Needless to say, the ballpark experience doesn't get a whole lot better when you're a young man. But on this night, his experience did get a little better thanks Blue Jays third base coach Luis Rivera.

Throughout the course of the evening, our young fan collected one souvenir baseball by means that we're not aware of. Perhaps he even brought it to the ballpark himself as a decoy. Then, as we see in the video, he was the lucky recipient of a foul ball tracked down by Rivera.

Two (possible) souvenirs are better than one, right? Usually, but this kid had a game plan and his thought process was simple: Why take home two baseballs when you can give away one to the pretty girl behind you and potentially make a friend for life?

When those are the options, always go with the latter. It's a simple formula, he executed his plan to perfection, and it appears it was pretty effective as well. 

The best part — other than her reaction, of course — is how deftly he passed the first ball along while holding on to the second. She may not have even realized he had a baseball in his hand the whole time or that he was keeping the actual game ball for himself.

It's a little bit sneaky and a whole lot of genius. But she probably wouldn't mind too much either way. They both went home with a baseball, a smile and a cool memory that was captured on live television.

Well played, young man. You've made us all proud. 

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