Batkid's crime-fighting crusade is not over.

The pint-sized, cape-wearing crusader, otherwise known as 5-year-old Miles Scott, flew to New York City from San Francisco and saved the life of a music superstar.

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With the same gusto and adorableness that allowed Miles to save Gotham, otherwise known as San Francisco, earlier this month, the young leukemia patient came to the rescue of Pitbull while both appeared this morning on " Good Morning America."

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When Batkid was told that Pitbull, fresh from hosting last night's AMAs, was locked in his dressing room by the Joker and the Penguin, he, along with a grown-up Batman, rushed to Pitbull's dressing room, buzzed past the Joker, broke through the chain and made sure Pitbull was out of harm's way.

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For his heroism and quick actions, Miles received a personal welcome from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an original badge from the first Batman film and a framed rendering of a comic featuring himself as Batkid.

The caught-on-camera rescue was just another stop for Miles in his whirlwind tour as Batkid ever since the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco made his dream of being Batman come true by organizing a day of heroism for him.

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On Nov. 15, the city of San Francisco became Gotham, dedicating the entire front page of the San Francisco Chronicle to Miles and giving him his own Batmobile and a city-wide adventure that included rescuing a damsel in distress, foiling the Riddler's bank robbery and saving San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal from the Penguin.

"It's been amazing. We never expected anything like this, on a level like this," Miles' father, Nick, said today on "GMA."

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