Two third graders at an elementary school in Vancouver, Wash. say they have wet their pants in the last week because they hadn’t accumulated enough pretend classroom money to pay for trips to the bathroom.

Livid parents say the incidents occurred at Mill Plain Elementary, area CBS affiliate KIRO-TV reports.

The pretend money is designed to teach students about the value of money. Students earn the fictional funds by doing their homework, for example, or by being nice to others. They can spend it to buy pizza or pointless crap like a squirt gun. Students say they must also use the fake cash to pay for bathroom breaks.

The unidentified teacher exacts a seemingly high imaginary price for toilet time: $50.

“When it comes to a bathroom issue, when a child has to pay money to use the bathroom, that’s wrong,” mad mother Jasmine Al-Ayadhi told Portland ABC affiliate KATU. “It’s inhumane. That’s a health issue.”

Al-Ayadhi’s daughter, Reem, was one of the students who had an in-class accident. She was down to her final $50 on Thursday. She wanted to buy some popcorn. She also needed to pee. Unwisely, she chose to try to hold it in, which didn’t work.

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